Relaxing Rituals: Uplift

UpliftThe Relaxing Rituals oil scent diffusers are currently part of the Semi-Annual Sale at Yankee Candle. The 3-scented reed diffusers have been marked down from $30 to $10 in the Yankee Candles near me. I bought a few as gifts…but of course I bought one for me to try out! The sales associate told me that the oils were mostly being discontinued…but they will still be available in the Yankee Candle Outlets and in future Semi-Annual Sales (whatever they don’t sell or get back in stock).


I bought myself the Uplift set that feature, well, uplifting scents. It could also be called Energize (in my opinion).2 The scents in this set are Lemon, Grapefruit, and Ginger. If you read this blog, you probably know by now I love citrus scents! Well the combination of citrusy and sweet lemon, tangy ruby red grapefruit, and crystallized spicy ginger, is simply sublime. It’s a prefect combination that smells fresh, clean, slightly sweet, and ultimately inviting!


3 This set is divided into three small-sized bottles filled with oils in each scent listed above. The re-fills were $4-5 dollars each…but this Uplifting set sold out pretty fast! It also came with ~ 21 bamboo reeds to allow for the oils to evaporate!

Does it work?: YES!!!!! Wow am I in love this this set! I have it set up in my bedroom (on a bookshelf) and the entire room has been constantly filled with the wonderful and energizing combination of lemon, grapefruit, and ginger. (Serious, this blend is my citrus dream! The ginger fits perfectly into the citrus blend!) I am seriously impressed. I don’t think I’d ever pay $30 for this set…but $10 is a steal! I wish I bought more (And I would have if I wasn’t in the process of moving!)





It looks great and almost artsy, and smells just perfect. The throw fills up the entire bedroom, but is definitely strongest closest to the diffuser. These are ideal for a bathroom! And bonus…no open flame!

6 So I encourage everyone to check these out! They are on crazy sale right now….but just note that refilling may be more difficult since they are (I believe) discontinued.


And just in case you hate citrus…here are the other scents offered. I know that Comfort has been discontinued completely. The other lines will still be available in stores as candles!

Happy Hunting!

-Kari Ann-



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