Snowy Winter Woods Revisited

While organizing a few things in my new apartment, I found my stash of “husband-approved” tarts and wax cubes that I decided to finish off. One of those wax cubes is Snowy Winter Woods from the Better Homes & Garden line. I reviewed this back in January 2013 and was ultimately disappointed. You can read that review here:

Snowy Winter Woods The Scent: This is a fresh and masculine scent that smells better cold than melted. In my original review, I gave this one a B. That may have been a tad easy on the scent, but I’m sticking with it. When melted, it did give off a “wintry” masculine aroma that was fresh and enjoyable. But overall it was pretty generic and bland. My recommendation was to buy tarts of Yankee Candle’s Fireside and Sparkling Snow and melt them together. This scent fell short on it’s cold promise of smoky, woodsy, pine and fresh snow that sadly deserves a grade of: B/B-


The Throw: The last 2 cubes I melted actually had a pretty good throw. In my original review, I gave the throw a D- and called Snowy Winter Wood scentless. This time around, the throw was a light-medium that filled up my kitchen area. Still weak compared to many of the other BH&G scents I’ve tried, but it deserves a higher grade: C


So, in conclusion, this scent is one of the holiday scents that fell throw the cracks to me. I bought it in the  2012 holiday season and didn’t see it last year…I’d be okay with this scent if it got a slight upgrade…but until then, I’ll pass!


-Kari Ann-


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