Halloween Accessories

The 2014 Boney Bunch is beginning to preview and make me excited! I personally cannot wait for autumn and Halloween to come (it’s my favorite season and holiday!)

When I got my first apartment, one of the first things I did was go to Yankee Candle to buy some candles and accessories. I had been living in a dorm for the previous 4 years where candles/open flames were banned…so I could not wait to finally get to light some candles!

b The first accessory I bought was this witch votive holder. It had been the Memorial Day sale at Yankee Candle, and all votives/tarts were $1 and I had a $10 off $25 coupon.

I fell in love with this style of votive holder! The stained glass effect, with the glow of the votive, is beautiful and something I hadn’t seen before.c


I wish I could remember the other versions of this votive holder…I think there was a green skeleton and purple ghost…..but I really am not sure. I bought this in 2009, as a reference, and have not seen a collection like this since.


Inside of this witch candle holder I have Cherry Lemonade burning….which is one of the very first Yankee Candle scents I bought!

a So don’t forget about candle accessories! Sometimes you can get a great deal on a piece that can become a year-after-year favorite decoration!

-Kari Ann-



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