Carrot Cake

I’ve had this tart of Carrot Cake lying around for a while. I bought it at Yankee Candle Village last year and decided it was a great time to melt it. I had gotten my hands on one other Carrot Cake tart last year and loved it.

Carrot CakeThe Scent: A spicy cake. Carrot Cake smells more like Spice Cake to me…probably because it doesn’t have that strong of a cream cheese note. The spiciness of cinnamon, nutmeg, along with shavings of carrot, are wonderful. The sweetness of the frosting is secondary…which is nice, however, i do wish it was a tad stronger. Basically, Carrot Cake is more of a savory cake scent that a sweet bakery treat! B+


The Throw: The throw is okay, a medium to light-medium. It definitely filled up my living room with a constant and fairly long-lasting throw. I do wish it was a tad stronger, but overall, it’s pretty great. B


Overall, I really like Carrot Cake. It may not have that sweet, cream cheese note in it that make real Carrot Cake taste good…but it’s a welcomed change from the often too sweet dessert candles. I just wish the throw was stronger!

-Kari Ann-



  1. LOVE Carrot Cake! I literally gasped when I saw they had the tarts at YC in Williamsburg, VA and I think I bought about nine of them! Wish they still had this scent around all the time!

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