Bath & Body Works

I recently used up the last of 2 body lotions from bath & Body Works that are now retired. I thought I’d give a quick review of them!

bath & body works Wild Apple Daffodil: This scent is okay (in my opinion). It was part of a Spring 2013 line from last year that all featured some type of floral-mix scent. The apple-daffodil was my favorite…probably because it had the weakest floral note (which I hate in my fragrances). The light spring bloom scent is balanced nicely with a fresh red apple. It’s nice…but I won’t miss this one!

Apple Blossom Citrus: I love this scent from a 2012 Citrus line release two summers ago. A light lemon-lime scent is mashed with a tart green apple and just a hint of a white floral note. This one screams “fresh” to me!

I bought both of these body lotions during last summer’s Semi-Annual Sale at Bath & Body Works. It’s a great time to try a new scent from cheap……the only downside….if you like the scent, there is a high chance you’ll never see it again!

-Kari Ann-


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