Tokyo Petals

Jenna bought me this Wallflower bulb of Tokyo Petals from Bath & Body Works as a gift for my Ph.D. defense. Tokyo Petals was the only new “world” themed scents that I wanted to try. And I’m glad I did try it!

Tokyo PetalsThe Scent: This scent is so well balanced and fresh! It belongs in my bathroom! The Japanese Cherry blossom note is very subtle and comes off as almost fresh. That floral note combines perfectly with a sweet raspberry-like scent. But the icy and wine-like sake just makes it so unique and wonderful! It’s a combination of a fresh, floral, and fruit scent…which is a very rare thing to balance in the scent world! B+

The Bulb Throw: Wonderful! My bathroom instantly began to fill up with a “background” scent of Tokyo Petals. It’s one of those scents that’s is a medium throw when you first walk into the room…but begins to “light” as your nose gets used to it. It’s perfect for a cat’s litter box. B+


Overall, I am enjoying Tokyo Petals. I’m glad Jenna bought it for me, because I usually shy away from floral scents…but this one is a mash-up of fruit, fresh, and floral that hits the spot!

-Kari Ann-


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