Homegoods Trip

Homegoods has been lacking in the candles as of late! I’ve been a few times since I moved to Maryland….and haven’t seen too much that was “picture-worthy,” let alone tempting to buy.

However, yesterday I found a few candles to mention 🙂 No purchases….but finally Homegoods is getting a more diverse Yankee Candles selection!


1) Chocolate Layer Cake: Yankee Candle released a limited edition line dessert collect two summers ago….and these scents are now popping up at Homegoods. I find Chocolate Layer Cake surprising because it’d one of the “new” Fall 2014 scents! I’m not really a fan of this scent….the chocolate oils just don’t sit well with me and make me feel a bit nauseous (to be honest).







22) Banana Cream Cake: This scent is also part of the 2012 dessert line. I actually love this one, but I’ve never burned it so I don’t know how the throw is. It’s a creamy banana scent with hints of vanilla and butter. Yum! The third scent from this collection, Red Velvet Cake, was not here…but I’ve seen people post on facebook that they’ve seen it!

33) Lemonade: Okay, so this scent is definitely Country Lemonade. I absolutely loved Country Lemonade, and still have a tumbler stashed away! It is a super sweet and tangy lemon scent that screams summer, old fashioned, lemonade.








44) Triple Berry: Triple Berry was part of last summer’s Cool Pop line. It is a sweet berry mash-up with dominant notes of strawberry and raspberry. It is a wonderful blend of these summer fruits! I also saw a Melon Margarita, so if you liked this line, keep an eye out!








65) Everyday Luxe, Living Room: So far, I really like this Everyday Luxe brand. I bought a few as Mother’s Day gifts and the throws were crazy good! I love the concept this brand is going for: a candle scent for each room in the house. It’s cute. Living Room was a green/cedar based scent…woodsy and herbal. It was okay, but NOT for me.








56) Everyday Luxe, Bedroom: This one was lavender. Again, not for me, but very soothing.










Okay, so hopefully Homegoods with continue to get fun and unique candles! I’m looking forward to the fall scents that should be arriving soon!

-Kari Ann-



  1. One of the many reasons i follow this Blog is to be made aware of candle brands that i otherwise may never have heard of, like the Everyday Luxe candles that you posted. I’ll be sure to check my local Home Goods store tomorrow! 😉

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