Refreshing Bamboo Water (BH&G)

I bought these Better Homes & Gardens wax cubes two years ago from Walmart during their Winter/Holiday clearance. My husband loves the more “fresh” scents, so I always try to mix a few into my collection. Yesterday I finally used up the last of Refreshing Bamboo Water.

Refreshing Bamboo Water The Scent: A fresh, green, and watery scent. I don’t really know what bamboo smells like…but I hope it’s like this! Refreshing Bamboo Water creates the scent illusions that you are walking throw a bamboo reed garden that is emerged in a few inches of slightly floral, but mostly green smelling water. Very relaxing and fresh. B

The Throw: Spectacular! This baby gives of a medium-strong throw that completely filled up my living area! Another example of an example throw from this BH&G line! A


Overall, it;s personally not my type of scent (I’m more of a fruit/foodie)….but the scent is pleasant and a huge hit with my husband! I haven’t been into a Walmart in a while, so I am not sure if this scent is discontinued or available.

-Kari Ann-


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