Relaxing Rituals: Comfort

The Relaxing Rituals collection from Yankee Candle combines 3 scents to create a certain “mood.” It’s basically aromatherapy.

This past Semi-Annual Sale had many of the Relaxing Ritual products were on clearance. One of those was the scent Comfort. I was told by the amazing Sales Associate at my old Yankee Candle that the entire Comfort line had been discontinued.

ComfortThe Scent: Comfort combines the scents of Cardamon, Rose, and Cedarwood. I have mixed feelings on this one. It was a nice scent that did create a relaxing environment (weird how aromatherapy does work). The most dominant scent is the cedarwood…which comes off as an incense, sandalwood-like scent. That is why I’m mixed, as I am not a huge fan of sandalwood or rose scents. But, if you like incense and floral blends, I could see this being great. B

The Throw: The throw was pretty great. It created a medium ambiance-creating throw that was soothing. Even after my tealight burnt out, the scent of Comfort still lingered for hours in my apartment! A-


Overall, Comfort is just not my type of scent. I bought it solely for the 75% off Semi-Annual Sale price…and I’m glad I did. Even though cedarwood, rose, and cardamon are not on my “most favorite” list, I still enjoyed this scent. The Relaxing Rituals line doesn’t seem to be popular…but so far I’ve enjoyed it!

-Kari Ann-



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