Market Peach

Market Peach from Bath & Body Works is a seasonal scent. For the last few years, it has been part of their summer line. The label design and color may change slightly year-to-year, but the scent has stayed the same. This candle is from their summer 2012 design.

I love peaches….and I find that many candle brands can never capture a peach scent. Yankee Candle, for example, smells a tad artificial to me. Bath & Body Works’ Market Peach is probably my favorite peach scent to date.

Market PeachThe Scent: Fresh, juicy, ripe peaches. Market Peach is a pure peach scent that is fruity and defines summertime for me! A-

The Throw: While I love this scent, and Bath & Body Works candles in general, Market Peach’s throw is a tad disappointing. It is detectable, and did fill up my living room . I’d say it’s a light-medium throw. So you will be able to smell it, but it will leave you wishing it was a little stronger. Compared to other BBW scent I’ve tried, this one is probably average. B-

Overall, I’ve been a fan of Market Peach for a few years. Even though the throw is just okay, I love the scent enough to still buy it! And, there is a fall version of their peach scent, Harvest Peaches, that I am dying to try!

-Kari Ann-


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