Everyday Luxe (Homegoods Trip)

A few posts back, I mentioned the Everyday Luxe line…and was so happy to hear that others enjoy these candles as well! Everyday Luxe candles can be found at Homegoods/Marshalls/TJMaxx; they are found as medium-sized tumblers and cost $5.99.

For Mother’s Day, I bought my mother and mother-in-law each one…and they were awesome! Great scents and surprisingly wonderful throws! Yesterday, i popped into Homegoods, and they were STOCKED on new Everyday Luxe scents. I even bought two to “test” at home.

Yankee Candle1) There were not many Yankee Candles…but I did see these two Halloween jars! And perfect timing since today is the Yankee Candle Halloween preview! Witches’ Brew is a Halloween classic for Yankee Candle; the scent is patchouli. Cider Web is apple cider and is a delicious spiced apple scent!

Everyday Luxe 12) Seagrass Meadow: This was a wonderful beachy scent that reminded me of Bath & Body Works’ White Sands mixed with Yankee Candle’s Dune Grass and Sun & Sun. It reminded me of going down to the cape (Cape Cod) when I was younger during summer break.

Everyday Luxe 23) Strawberry Tart and Sea Salt & Ginger: Loved these scents! Strawberry Tart was a desserty strawberry-shortcake-like scent with sweet berries and a touch of vanilla cool whip. Sea Salk & Ginger reminded me of a spa! Very peaceful and relaxing…like getting a massage on a beach!

Everyday Luxe 3Everyday Luxe 4

4) Lemon Plum, Orange Soda Pop, and Orange Fizz: I loved the fruity scents! Lemon Plum was unique…the tart lemon was sweeten by the sweet, yellow apple-like, notes. Orange Soda Pop was a creamsicle! And Orange Fizz was also a wonderful orange seltzer, not too sweet, but still refreshing!


There were a few other Everyday Luxe scents not included here: Lavendar and Cotton, for example. The two I bought were Orange Soda Pop and Cotton Candy! (They are cued up next! I’m finishing up a tumbler of Sonoma Valley Red). So I will be reviewing these in more depth later!

-Kari Ann-



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