Balsam & Cedar

In honor of Christmas in July, or August, I decided to melt one of my favorite holiday scents by Yankee Candle: Balsam & Cedar.

Balsam and CedarThe Scent: A fresh pine scent mixed with a hint of sappy pine cone and perhaps a touch of glistening snow. There is also a slight sweet note to Balsam & Cedar that reminds me of a gum drop garland (that might be just me…but I always smell a slight sweetness as it melts!) This scent is not artificial and certainly nothing like pinesol cleaner. I’ve melted this scent before and been able to trick family into thinking my Christmas tree is real! A true delight! A+

The Throw: Is an instant classic! Scents and throws like Balsam & Cedar is what makes Yankee Candle a household name! The throw is a medium to medium strong and can fill up a large room! It isn’t over-bearing either and has never been head-ache inducing! Wonderful! A

Overall, I love Balsam & Cedar and always have a tart or two on hand.

-Kari Ann-



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