Sonoma Valley Red

Sonoma Valley Red is a newer World Journey released last year. I scooped this candle up from Homegoods because I love wine! Sadly, I was very disappointed. For reference, I bought this Yankee Candle large tumbler for $9.99….Homegoods has since amped the price up to ~$13.

Somona Valley RedThe Scent: A weirdly generic floral scent! Once lit, Sonoma Valley Red took on a perfumy-like note that smelled more like a flower meadow or perfume counter (to me at least). I had thought Sonoma Valley Red would smell like red wine, grape leaf, and maybe even oak…..but I get absolutely no grape/wine scents! It was very disappointing! D-

The Throw: The throw is about average, a light-medium throw that fills up a small room. After a while, the throw blends into the background and is okay…but the scent just didn’t appeal to me at all. Actually, I was happy this didn’t have a strong throw! C+

Overall, I did not like Sonoma Valley Red. It had absolutely no red wine notes! Just by looking at the pictures, I expected to smell an oak-barrel Merlot with perhaps hints of “wine country” florals and greens. Instead, this scent should have been called Sonoma Valley Meadow.

-Kari Ann-


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