Citrus Tart Warmer Accessory

I am a huge fan of candle accessories, especially when burning tarts! A cute and/or accessory can enhance a room’s decor!

2Anyways, a little over a year ago, I had a citrus themed wedding. If you read my blog, it should be no secret that I have an obsession with lemon and other citrus scents and decorations. Lucky for me, Yankee Candle had a Citrus Passion collection two year ago (Spring 2012) that included some cute accessories. My wonderful sister Jenna bought me the Citrus Passion tart warmer as a birthday/wedding gift!

I absolutely love this grapefruit, orange, lemon, and lime themed tart warmer! It not only screams summer, but if fits my personality to a T! We found this warmer at Yankee Candle Village in September 2012…and it is amongmy most prized accessories!1








Wedding 10Wedding 1Wedding 11

The following picture are proof that I had a citrus themed wedding! (Okay, well, I guess it was more of a Pink, Orange, and Yellow theme…but it was summer!)

-Kari Ann-



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