Orange Cream Pop (Everyday Luxe)

I bought myself two Everyday Luxe candles from Homegoods last week to “test” them out! I had given my mother and mother-in-law each one of these candles for Mothers Day, and they were received with much praise. I even got to smell my mother-in-law’s in action…and wow was it strong! I bought my mother Salted Caramel Corn and mother-in-law Salt Water Taffy.

You can check out that review here:

I have noticed that the Everyday Luxe brand has scent collections…and this “carnival-theme” is of particular interest to me! I bought two more from this carnival theme…Orange Cream Pop and Cotton Candy. This week I decided to try out Orange Cream Pop first.

Orange Cream PopThe Scent: A creamsicle! This scent smells just like a sweet, icy creamsicle pop of orange and vanilla cream swirled together! It’s wonderful, fruity, sweet, and smells like one of my favorite summer treats! A-

The Throw: The throw is pretty good…I’d say average, with a medium to medium-light throw that fills up most of my living room. It is stronger near the candle…but still is smellable throughout my living room! The wax pool is beautiful and starts to throw almost instantly! Additionally, Orange Cream Pop;s throw blows Orange Dreamsicle out of the water (in my opinion)! Overall, I’m impressed with the throw. I do wish it was a tad stronger, but it created a pleasant background! B-


The one caveat: This baby needed it’s wicks trimmed at least once every 2 hours or it would start to soot! This only lasted for the first half of the candle, but it was a bit annoying.

So…I am enjoying my own personal first experience with Everyday Luxe, and I know from experience that Salt Water Taffy was SUPER strong, so I’m excited to try Cotton Candy soon!

-Kari Ann-


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