Red Berry & Cedar

On occasion, I let me husband select a tart to melt. He likes nature scents, mostly the pine and Christmas tree types.

This weekend, he picked Red Berry & Cedar from Yankee Candle, which happens to be one of my favorite scents as well!

Red Berry & CedarThe Scent: A sweet and fresh mash-up of berry, pine needles, and cedar wood. I love this mix! The berry note is sweet, like a raspberry or holly berry. It is perfectly balanced by a fresh cedar wood scent with hints of “green” notes. It is a wonderful winter scent! A

The Throw: Red Berry & Cedar is a Holiday staple at Yankee Candle not only from its scent, but also for its excellent throw! It’s a medium to medium-strong throw that filled up my living room and differed into my bedroom! Wonderful! A-


Overall, Red Berry & Cedar is a wonderful scent that reminds me of a peaceful winter getaway! And, it’s husband approved!

-Kari Ann-



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