Cotton Candy (Everyday Luxe)

Tucked away, in the very back of the Homegoods candle section, I found one lone jar of Cotton Candy by Everyday Luxe.

Warning: this one is incredible!

Cotton Candy is the 4th Everyday Luxe candle I’ve bought in their carnival-themed collection!

Cotton CandyThe Scent: A sweet, pink sugared, cotton candy treat. This one take me back to those sticky childhood memories of eating pink cotton candy at a summer fair. Ask any child, there is a huge difference between pink and blue cotton candy! There is a hint of a raspberry fruit note, but this sugary confection hits the mark! If you love sweet scents, this one is a dream come true! A-

The Throw: I was blown away by this medium to medium-strong throw! It filled up my entire living room and adjacent bedroom! It also has a lingering throw, meaning I could smell the sweet cotton candy even after I blew out the candle! Wow, I’m impressed! A-

Overall, I really loved Cotton Candy…it was such a find! The Everyday Luxe brand is now on my “hot” list for future candles.

When I told Jenna about this scent, she asked me “what does it smell like?” In other words, cotton candy scents can be done really well, or really wrong (there’s no in between). This one is the real deal! Sticky, sweet, slightly fruity, pink fluffy cotton candy!

-Kari Ann-



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