Milk & Cookies

Milk & Cookies is a retired scent from Yankee Candle. Despite this, I have learned that Milk & Cookies has an extremely loyal fan base! This scent has been available as a rare treasure the last few holiday seasons…and I’ve even managed to grab some tarts in stores and at an outlet! (I miss treasure tarts!)

Milk & CookiesThe Scent: In my opinion, Milk & Cookies is a sugar cookie scent….and probably the best sugar cookie scent by any candle company I’ve smelled to date! It is similar to Christmas Cookie (a family favorite in my house)….except the “fresh baked” warm sugar cookie scent is even better! There is a hint of a creamy, milkiness….but just a hint. I do wish the milk note was a little stronger, but overall this is an amazing cookie-scented candle! B+

The Throw: I am always torn on the throw of this tart….and I’ve been told by a few that the original version (before retirement) was stronger. It varies between a medium to light-medium throw. Overall, I am always pleased and happy with the throw, but still wishing it was stronger. The yummy cookie scent begs for that type of throw tha makes all your neighbors think you are baking cookies! B-

Overall, I do like Milk & Cookies, but it’s just not the unique or amazing-throw type of candle that will make me hunt it out. Hopefully it comes back this year so everyone can sniff it and make their own opinions! 🙂

-Kari Ann-



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