Autumn Wreath

Many of my fellow candle lovers have their “go-to” house-scent candle. For example, my mother loves Dune Grass and my sister-in-law loves Vanilla Cupcake.

Yankee Candle’s Home Sweet Home is a scent many burn/melt to create that house scent. But for me, in the late summer and autumn, I pick Autumn Wreath by Yankee Candle.

Autumn WreathThe Scent: Autumn Wreath reminds of Michael’s Craft Store. It smells like a crafty mix of cinnamon, dried leaves, apple, and twigs. Seriously, it smells like a craft store during the fall season when they are selling freshly made wooden wreaths! A

The Throw: A wonderful, medium throw that lingers in a room even after the candle/tealight has been blown out. This scent creates a warm and inviting “feeling” that just needs a bowl of soup on a chilly fall night! B+/A-

Overall, Autumn Wreath is a autumn and late summer staple for me! It is an instant classic and perfectly blends a fresh scent of autumn leaves, cinnamon, and apples!

-Kari Ann-


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