Homegoods Trip

I’m feeling a bit out of my routine. I used to pop into Homegoods on my way home from work every Friday… new area in Maryland has Homegoods, but it’s not as convenient or easy to get to.

Anyways, I made a Homegoods trip yesterday, my first in a few weeks, and realized that I’ve missed nothing! Everyone is currently in a Halloween and Pumpkin frenzy, so the candle selection was fairly similar to what it was last time.

Halloween1Yup! I wasn’t kidding! Halloween candle overload. Now, I LOVE Halloween and love all the scents of fall…..but a little variety would be nice. I did find one Danish Butter Cookie World Journey, but there were no Everyday Luxe.

Halloween2One thing I have noticed is that Homegoods offers at least 2 versions of many of their staple Halloween scents. For example, here are 2 versions of Candy Corn….one is the older Boney Bunch inspired holographic-like and the other is the new obscured glass with silhouettes. (There is also a 3rd version available in a few scents).

Candy Corn: has always been a tad too sweet for me! It is a sugar overload, but is popular with young children in my experience!

Trick or Treat, a swirl, is Candy Corn and Buttercream. It’s still very sweet, but the creamy notes from the buttercream soften it.

Cider Web: I’ve reviewed this one before. While I love the scent, the throw was only okay. It is a spiced apple cider! Yum!

Halloween3Pumpkin Patch: This pumpkin scented candle shocked many since it’s not available for sale in Yankee Candle this year.

Witches Brew: Here is the perfect example of the same scent in 3 different designs! This scent is patchouli, which is actually wonderfully pleasant.

Way in the bottom is a handful of Pumpkin Brulee, Harvest, and Autumn Leaves candles in newer packaging.

What I have not seen: Ghostly Treats, Happy Halloween, and Poison Apple.

Cinnamon & Sugar

My one notable mention not related to Halloween was this Yankee Candle jar of Cinnamon & Sugar. This is not a new scent…but Cinnamon & Sugar retired from Yankee Candle a few years ago, so it’s nice to have it still available! I miss this scent!

-Kari Ann-


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