Mango Dragon Fruit

I bought this Wallflower refill of Mango Dragon Fruit during Bath & Body Works’ Summer Semi Annual Sale.

This may be one of my strangest reviews ever! I do really like Mango Dragon Fruit, but boy does it smell like something else to me!

Mango Dragon FruitThe Scent: Okay, so the description of Mango Dragon Fruit promises the exotic and rare scent of dragon fruit mixed with mango for a tropical scent……..but after I plugged this wallflower in.….I smell North Pole by Yankee Candle. Am I going crazy? At first I kept thinking, maybe the French Vanilla candle I’m melting got some mint oil mixed in? Or maybe I have a tart of North Pole melting and I forgot? But nope, I smell a vanilla and cool peppermint mash-up, not a tropical getaway! Weird, I know, but I still like it! B+

The Throw: Wow the throw on this Wallflower is amazing! I have it plugged into my bathroom, but it drifts into the hallway, kitchen, and even into my bedroom! And it’s been having this type of throw for over a week now! A

Overall, I really liked Mango Dragon Fruit…even if I smell it as a winter treat rather than a summertime mash-up!

-Kari Ann-


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