Final thoughts on French Vanilla

My jar of French Vanilla is nearing its end….and I have mixed feelings. It is such a classic scent and creates a soft and pleasant background. However, the throw is average at best. I like the scent and appreciate the softness at times. I guess if I had this burning in a smaller room (like my bathroom) it would be better in the throw department.

French Vanilla  I had been under the rumored impression that French Vanilla retired this past winter Semi Annual Sale…but that is wrong! French Vanilla, in fact, is listed as a Fall Favorite on the Yankee Candle website! Overall, I’ve had much better luck with French Vanilla tarts….and would probably get a tumbler rather than a jar in the future.

Of course, this jar was free since my husband won it, so I really should not be complaining!

Anyways, I thought I’d note the one mixology I tried with this jar of French Vanilla. This may seem like a surprising and unexpected blend: French Vanilla + Autumn Wreath.Autumn Wreath

This blend smells exactly like a craft store during fall! It reminds me of walking into AC Moore to visit my aunt when I was younger! If you frequent craft stores (Micheal’s and Joann’s Fabris as well), then you know the scent I’m describing. The apple and spiced scented decorative wreaths on the same display as the vanilla pillar candles! It’s such a warm scent combination that brings back wonderful memories!

-Kari Ann-



  1. French Vanilla was my very first Yankee tart back when I was like 7 years old. Glad to hear it’s not being discontinued, I would be very sad! I always keep a jar around for nostalgia purposes even though it’s not very strong to my nose anymore. Your blend sounds amazing as well! I imagine French Vanilla would be great blended with lots of things =) Have a great rest of your weekend!!

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