Random: Kohl’s Trip

I stopped by Kohl’s the other day to look at their shoes. I’ve been searching for a pair of business flats and thought I’d stop by. No luck with the shoes, but I ended up bring home a Halloween doormat and got to smell the new Woodwick collection.

Halloween I feel in love with this doormat. I cannot wait for fall…and now that the decorations have arrived, I thought I’d grab this beauty to get into the spirit! It was 50% (as a Halloween promotion), so I got it for ~$7.50. They had other styles, including so fall based, but I love cats, so this was purrrrfect!

They also had a ton of summer candles and wax melts on clearance. They were mostly Food Network candles, but I passed. Has anyone tried the Food Network items? They always seem to smell artificial or off-putting to me…and are more pricy that Yankee Candle and the Better Homes & Gardens wax melts.


I really liked these 3-scented Trilogy Woodwick candles. They were also 50% off, but at nearly $25, my wallet said no until I burn a few more of my other candles. I have only burned a few Woodwick’s before…and each time it was great! The throw was great and I really liked the crackling wick!

Note that I could only smell the top scent, so the evolution of the three will probably be different when lit.

1) Spiced Apple Tart, Pumpkin Nutmeg, & Cinnamon Buttercream: Loved this autumn fruits mash-up! The apple and cinnamon were spot on!

2) Vanilla Gourmand, Toffee Brittle, & Toasted Marshmallow: The vanilla reminded me of YC’s French Vanilla with a hint of butter. It was okay, but I much preferred the red Trilogy above!

3) Poplar and Pine, Nordic Winter, & Silver Birch: This was probably my overall favorite! The pine and wood combination was perfect! However, this read to me as a winter scent…so I may look to buy this one near Christmas if it’s still around!

4) Flickering Fireside, Poplar and Pine, & Teakwood: This one was too “manly” for me. It had a smoky, almost cologne-like quality…but that’s just me! I know mu husband would probably love it and I bet the Polar and Pine section would make this one really nice!

Happy “Fall Candle” hunting!

-Kari Ann-


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