Fresh Burst!

When I received an email from YC about their new product – fresh burst air freshener – I knew I had to have it! I love being able to add fragrance into my work day! I have been using fragrance spheres for the last 2 years. While I love fragrance spheres and think they’re so cute–they aren’t strong enough for my workplace. Is it in a cubicle that’s in a huge room so the scent tried to permeate too far. I get bursts of it now and then but not constantly.

The fresh burst changes this. Whenever I press down on it, it releases a spray of fragrance (I bought pink sands!). I love this because it sprays it right in my cubicle whenever I want and it’s strong. This means that when someone is using the communal microwave to hear up something that smells horrible to me, I can just spray the fresh burst and smell pink sands instead!!

Right now the “scent refills” don’t come in too many scents, just some of the most popular. I’m hoping if the product does well they’ll expand it just like they did with the fragrance spheres. You also needs to buy a base, which comes in a few different colors right now but hopefully they’re add more of those too! I got both for $9.99 as a promotion they were having. Normally the base is 9.99 alone and the refills are 5.99. If you can get the promotion I got, I definitely recommend trying this product. It’s one of my new favorites!! -Jenna-




    • Hi Pearl, It was such a bummer this was discontinued. I have seen some refills at Yankee Candle outlets. If you live near one, I suggest checking it out.

      Sometimes discontinued items end up at the SAS sales. It could be worth calling a YC near you to see if they have any “leftovers” in the back.

      This happened to me with their ScentStories player. I now have a unit with no chance of getting refills ever again (or on ebay for a ton of money 😦 )


  1. does anyone know why they were discontinued – i loved these and bought several as gifts for family members and now can’t get the refills!! i thought they were awesome and this was the only place i fount that told me they were discontinued – i wonder why?

  2. Hi there. I have the Yankee Candle fresh burst base but I do not have anything (refill) to put in it. I have checked everywhere. Would anyone be willing to sell me a refill so that I can utilize my base … PLEASE, please, pretty please!

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