Ashland Watermelon Sangria

I’ve had a mixed experience with Ashland candles. Ashland candles are sold in Micheal’s crafts stores for amazing prices…..for example, I bought many of the large (22 oz) jars for my wedding at a price of 3/$10! That’s insanely amazing!!!!

While a handful have been great (with decent throws), others have been on the bland side. I received this small jar of Watermelon Sangria as a gift from a bridal shower I attended a few months ago, and I finally got the chance to try it out.

Watermelon SangriaThe Scent: The scent is nice, I’d say average. However, if you have ever smelled Bath & Body Works’ Watermelon Lemonade, you will be disappointed. The watermelon notes are nice, but I don’t exactly get any sangria notes. It also has a bit of that “wax” note that some candles have that constantly reminds you that you are burning a  candle and not smelling a pitcher of sangria. Overall, I like the idea of this scent, and it’s not terrible….but it’s just doesn’t have a wow factor. C-

The Throw: The throw was pretty weak. It has a small scent radius that makes this candle best designated to a small room. When I would walk near the candle, I could occasionally get a rush of waxy watermelon, but it was not too impressive. For the price and the creative scent, however, it was not a total loss. (I think these candles can run anywhere from $1.5-$3.00. D

Overall, I appreciate Ashland candles for their unique and decent scent selection as well as their bright colors and great prices. While a few have been impressive (a key lime pie and Christmas tree scent), others have been below par. I’ll probably keep on experimenting with Ashland because they do make cute decorations!

As a side note, I just wanted to show off a few pictures of my porch garden!

IMG_20140906_155904009 IMG_20140906_155922396 IMG_20140906_155935696 -Kari Ann-


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