New World Journeys?

Firstly, I cannot take any credit for these new Yankee Candle World Journeys! I love perusing Pintrest and found this wonderful board by Neil titled Yankee Candles-World Journey Collection. ( I highly encourage any WJ fan to take a look at this impressive board!


With that said, Neil recently posted these two World Journeys that I am dying to get my hands on!

1) German Apple Strudel (credit to Neil,

German Apple Strudel

2) Bavarian Pretzel (credit to Neil,

Bavarian Pretzel

I have not seen these cuties at Homegoods yet, but I am on watch! Has anyone else seen these…or more importantly smelled them? Jenna and I’s grandfather is German, and we know that both of these candles (German Apple Strudel in particular) would be the best Christmas present for him!

-Kari Ann-



  1. Wasn’t there an Apple Strudel candle in the My Favorite Things line ?? Perhaps this one is that same scent, which I recall as being very fragrant !! Please keep us posted on both, as they sound luscious. EVERYDAY LUXE Candles: I have two in CHAI SPICE, bought a few years ago at TJMaxx, and everything about these candles is fantastic: the burn, the scent, the throw, even the wicks. Like you, I recommend this brand, and they are Made in the USA, so no lead in the wicks either.

    • Joan B.,

      I hope the German Apple Strudel is the same from My Favorite Things…I was a big fan of it ! Jenna and I are on a mission to find these as Christmas presents for our grandfather!

      I LOVE the Everyday Luxe line, and wish I tried them earlier! The Homegoods near me is in Halloween overload with nothing new the last few weeks, so I’m hoping they get some Everday Luxe in soon! πŸ™‚

  2. Hello Kari Ann,

    I’m amazed to have found out about these World Journey releases before you! I am in the UK and it is virtually impossible to find Yankee Candle World Journey candles here, however it was the World Journey’s range which started my interest in Yankee Candles when I discovered Pacific Coconut…

    I have not seen either Bavarian Pretzel or German Apple Strudel except available on eBay in the USA (which is where the images are taken from) but I have also seen a very enthusiastic review of Bavarian Pretzel by Az4angela on YouTube ( – the part about Bavarian Pretzel starts at about 16 minutes in).

    As with Joan, my thoughts are that German Apple Strudel may well be a duplicate of Crisp Apple Strudel from the My Favorite Things collection, but it would be interesting to hear a comparison of them, if anyone has them both side by side.

    I really enjoying reading your updates as they are where I mostly find out about the World Journey range, and your information assisted me a great deal in building the Pinterest board as you have mentioned the names of so many from the collection which I was then able to search for images of.

    I’m still surprised I have found out about these before you!

    Keep up what you’re doing, it’s always great to read your entries.


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