Ohio Homegoods Trip

Hi everyone! I’ve been in Ohio for the last few days and have been very busy running around! I just got back home (literally a few minutes ago) and am excited to post a few of the candles I saw at the Homegoods near Miamisburg, OH.


1) SoHo Living Blackberry (Yankee Candle): There were very few Yankee Candles….most of the Halloween candles were heavily depleted and there were no World Journeys. But this Blackberry scent from Yankee Candle’s SoHo line was a sweet and fruity dream! Any fans of the new Berrylicious  scent will love this! The SoHo line is sold at Kohl’s…and the few I’ve tried have been great!

aa2) Everyday Luxe Napa Valley and Spiced Cider: Loved these…and wish I had space in my car to take at least one home! Spiced Cider was a wonderful apple and cinnamon….but Napa Valley was divine! It is very different than Yankee Candle’s….much more fruit and refreshing!

aaa3) Everyday Luxe Pumpkin Spice: This was a fairly standard pumpkin & spice scent that I enjoyed! Nothing crazy-different, but just as wonderful and pleasing! This one read Thanksgiving to me!


4) Everyday Luxe Rosemary & Thyme: I loved this fresh scent! I was everything I had hoped the BH&G Herb Garden wax cubes would have been! And this is the first time I’ve seen a small jar in this brand!

aaaaa5) Everyday Luxe Iced Apple and Farmer’s Market: Iced Apple was my favorite so far….fans of Yankee Candle’s Candied Apple will love this scent! Sweet and fresh apple that is perfect for the upcoming winter months! Farmer’s Market was very different than Yankee Candle’s (no peach, more pumpkin), but also very nice!


I basically ran in and out, so I didn’t get to sniff for long or take any home with me….but I was so happy to see the fall/winter Everyday Luxe line!!!!

-Kari Ann-



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