Italian Christmas Biscotti

I finally broke down and decided to light my favorite World Journey: Italian Christmas Biscotti. I love this scent and can never get enough of it! Luckily, since I started hunting for World Journeys, Italian Christmas Biscotti has been available at Homegoods during every holiday season….and I do have a medium tumbler left as back-up, just in case!

Italian Christmas BiscottiThe Scent: This scent is just like having a “slice” of hardened biscotti! It has a slightly almond and buttery notes with a touch of tangy lemon! It’s just a perfect! Not too sweet, but still a bakery treat! A+

The Throw: Every tumbler I’ve tried has been a home run! Within 15 minutes, my entire living room is full of a medium-strong throw! Italian Christmas Biscotti is sure to pleasure just about any World Journey, Food scent, or quality candle lover! A

Overall, Italian Christmas Biscotti is my favorite World Journey to date, and definitely within my top 5 candles scents of all time! The  throw is excellent and the scent is amazing! It doesn’t read to me as only Christmas either….however, my mother-in-law always makes some almond biscotti for Christmas day, so it reminds me of Rhode Island!

-Kari Ann-


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