Fall Festival (Sonoma)

While I am (obviously) a Yankee Candle fan, I love trying out different candle brands!

I have been wanting to try out one of Kohl’s candle brands for a while….but I was waiting for the right sale! The Sonoma Lifestyles candles and scented cubes are in full Autumn mode, and with a 50% off sale, I finally bought a scented cube to try.

At regular price, the Sonoma Lifestyles Scented Cubes are $5.99….and it’s the same size (6 square cubes) as the BH&G wax cubes sold at Walmart. Even at 50% (~$3), these Sonoma cubes are more expensive than the ScentSationals and BH&G…and even Yankee Candle tarts for that matter!

I decided to try out Fall Festival.

Fall FestivalThe Scent: Apple cider donuts! This wonderful scent is a bakery delight of freshly picked gala apples baked in butter and brown sugar with a golden flaky crust and dashes of cinnamon. It is completely different than Yankee Candle’s Fall Festival…but is similar to their new Apple Spice mixed with Bath & Body Work’s Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut! Love it! A-

The Throw: The throw is pretty great…a solid medium! It started to fill up my living area quickly. My only complaint…..the scent of 2 cubes lasts only ~4 hours at best! So, in my honest opinion, the quality (based only on Fall Festival), is equivalent to the BH&G wax cube line. So…at full price, these Sonoma wax cubes are too pricy for me…but at 50% off…I say give them a try! A-

So, I really liked this Fall Festival scent by Kohl’s Sonoma Lifestyles line….but I do admit the at full price, the throw quality is probably not worth it. Luckily, Kohl’s is notorious for always having sales…so try these out, just don’t pay more than $3!!!!!

-Kari Ann-



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