Pomelo Grapefruit

Okay, it’s no secret that I love citrus based scents! Well, this past summer, Bath & Body Works’ released Pomelo Grapefruit…and I was fixated!

During their semi-annual sale, I bough a Wallflower bulb of this grapefruit scent…and it just topped my all time favorite list for Wallflowers!

Pomelo GrapefruitThe Scent: A refreshing, slightly tart, yet slightly sweet, grapefruit scent! This is a citrus scent for everyone! It’s fresh and fruit..and demands one to think about a lazy summer day! Wonderful! A

The Throw: This bulb has been stellar! I plugged it in about 2 weeks ago now, and my entire bathroom smells like fresh grapefruit! Occasionally, I even get a sniff when I enter my apartment after work! One of the best I’ve ever tried! A-

Overall, I wish I bough more of these Pomelo Grapefruit Wallflowers…and really wish I bought a candle in this scent! I hope this one comes back next year!!!!

-Kari Ann-


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