Homegoods Trip!

I finally got a chance to go to a Homegoods yesterday, and found a whole bunch of goodies! I also bought a few items (as gifts….gonna start Christmas shopping early!). Only about half of my pictures have imported, so there will also be a Part 2 from my Marshalls trip!

A1) Bavarian Pretzel and Belgium Waffles: I finally found them! Firstly, I loved Belgium Waffles…when I first heard of the scent, I was worried it would be a re-hash of Maple Pancakes….but it has little to no maple notes (yay!). It smells like warmed waffles covered in butter. It is wonderful! I actually love Bavarian Pretzel too, but I think this scent will either be a “you love it or hate it.” To me, it smelled like a warm pretzel with extra firm crust!

b2) Joy to the World (Everyday Luxe): If you are a fan of Jack Frost or Frosty Air by Yankee Candle, you will love this one! A cool, icy peppermint.

c3) Snowberry, Balsam & Spruce, and Holiday Cinnamon: I love these cute pillar-like Yankee Candles. (Yes, the holiday scents are out!). Snowberry is an icy cool, but sweet berry scent. Balsam & Spruce is similar to Balsam & Cedar (a fresh pin scent), and Holiday Cinnamon is Sparkling Cinnamon! Lovely!

d4) Home for Christmas: I fell in love with this nostalgic scent. Unfortunately, I can’t quit remember all the notes in this one, I just remember really liking it! It is at base a pine scent! But be on the lookout for these cute Limited Edition Holiday Collection scents!

e5: Holiday Trio and Apple & Gingerbread: Okay, so Apple and Gingerbread is a GENIUS scent! It has a spicy apple and gingered molasses scent! If you cannot find this candle, try burning a Macintosh tart with a Gingerbread jar…it is unexpected and great! The Holiday Trio Home Classic (sold at Target) is a tri-pour of Holiday Cinnamon, Cookies for Santa, and Home for Christmas.

So yes, the holiday scents have arrived at Homegoods! I overheard two sales associates in Marshall’s mention that they were putting up their holiday displays Tuesday! What happened to Halloween…and Thanksgiving! LOL

Happy Hunting!

-Kari Ann-



  1. I just found Apple & Gingerbread at Marshalls. What a great scent. Was it from last year? I couldn’t find it on the YC website.

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