Marshall’s Trip

I’ve noticed this a lot with Homegoods and Marshalls/TJMaxx…many place have two separate buildings….one is Homegoods and and the other is the clothing-based Marshalls/TJMaxx. If this is the same for you…don’t forget to “treasure hunt” in Marshalls/TJMaxx as well, because they carry candles too!

Friday, I walked over next store to Marshall’s and found some goodies!


1) Alpine Spruce: This is a World Journey that came out last year…it is an icy cool pine scent that fits right in with the holidays, winter, or any fresh scent lovers.


2) Pumpkin Hazelnut: This unique Everyday Luxe scent hit the spot for me! It’s a wonderful mix of autumn pumpkin and subtle hazelnut that smells like a wonderful recipe for a latte or mixed drink!

g3) Heritage Pine: May the Peace & Joy of the Holidays Be Yours. A traditional pine scent that would make a cute gift or holiday decoration.


4) Smoky Mountains: I love the Smoky Mountains and this fresh, unique, and impossible to describe scent by Everyday Luxe was refreshingly different! I love their “world journey” collection!

Arctic Glacier

5) Arctic Glacier: Okay, this new World Journey was not my favorite…but I was so excited to find it! I had expected it to smell like Sparkling Snow or even mint…..but it, like the dull gray color, fell flat to me! It was very light, with maybe just a hint of a soap-like scent. Maybe it burns better? It didn’t smell like a repeated Yankee Candle scent, so at least it is original!

Well, there they are…my finds! I managed to find 3/4 of the new World Journeys (all except German Apple Strudel…which figures since it’s the one Jenna and I want to get our grandfather!).

Happy hunting!

-Kari Ann-



  1. Hi Kari Ann:

    I actually am selling the German Apple Strudel scent in the 22 oz size on Amazon…I only have 2 large jars in stock. So hard to find. So if you are interested in them they are there for you!!! Hope to make your grandfather very happy! 🙂

    My storefront name is Plumeria.

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