Poison Apple

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope your night was spooktacular!

My husband and I are new to our neighborhood and had so much fun! We saw at least 50 trick-or-treaters! Although I have been moving and starting a new job, I’ve been getting into the Halloween season with Yankee Candle’s Poison Apple.

I got Poison Apple as a wedding gift last year and have been saving it for this October! Wow is it great!

dThe Scent: Poison Apple is Granny Smith, a retired Yankee Candle scent. It smells wonderful! Like a fresh and juicy green apple. Bitter and sweet and the same time! It’s a classic and fruity-fresh scent that just begs to be dipped in caramel! A

The Throw: Pretty wonderful! It was a solid medium that filled up my (old) living room. It is perhaps not as strong as Macintosh, but pretty close! This is one that I hope to see again, because I love it! B+

Poison Apple made its rounds last year in the Homegoods/TJMaxx/Marshalls circuit as well as the Outlets and Deerfield (Yankee Candle Village). I didn’t see it this year…and that’s too bad! Hopefully we’ll see Granny Smith pop up in the spring in some form!

aOf course I lit Poison Apple in full Halloween accessories! I got this matching candle tray and shade a few years ago from Jenna as a birthday gift! I love the cute parade of costumed children!b

I also have a matching votive holder that Jenna’s boyfriend gave me!cHappy Halloween everyone!

-Kari Ann-


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