World Journey Listing–Updated

I haven’t updated the world journey collection since I had originally collected all 30 of them. Since then, many new scents have come out! I’m excited that Yankee Candle has decided to continue to put out new world journey’s. Here is an updated list of all world journey’s that I currently know about. Please leave a comment and let me know of any others that you have found! The one’s in bold are one’s that I don’t have.

1. Canary Island Banana

2. Christmas in Paris

3. Italian Christmas Biscotti

4. Madagascar Spice

5. New Zealand Wildberries

6. Sicilian Orange

7. South African Vineyard

8.Australian Oasis

9. Pacific Coconut

10. Brazillian Passionfruit

11. Danish Butter Cookie

12. Caribbean Tradewinds

13. Egyptian Cotton

14. Himalayan Air

15. Japanese Blossom

16. French Lavender

17. Mediterranean Cyprus

18. Malaysian Palm

19. Vera Cruz Vanilla

20. Indonesian Ginger

21. Tahitian Tiare Flower (which is part of Yankee Candles regular line)

22. Greek Fig and Currant

23. Rose of Morocco

24. Royal Frankicense

25. Spice Island Holiday

26. Siberian Silver Fur

27. Sands of Bora Bora

28. South American Rainforest

29. Hawaiian Lei

30. Sonoma Valley Red

31. Bavarian Pretzel

32. German Apple Strudel

33. Belgian Waffle

34. North Pole Magic

35. Alaskan Lights

36. Alpine Spruce

37. Jamaica Rum Punch

38. New Zealand Peony

39. South American Dragonfruit

40. Australian Eucalyptus

41. California Redwood

42.New England Maple Cream

43. Spas of Thailand

44. Sahara Sun

45. Appalachian Daisy

46. Arctic Glacier

47. Rolling Hills of Ireland

48. Fiji Beach




  1. You need to adjust your list I couldn’t figure out why I had one more than you did and then I realized you have two number 41s on your list!

  2. There are 2 more new ones that have recently been found in YC Outlet Stores. I have seen pictures of both that were posted in a couple of groups I’m in on Facebook—Barbados Island Flower and Brazilian Guava.

    • Thank you! I think we posted a few pictures of those scents a few posts back….but this is a great reminder that Jenna needs to update her list! Thank you…we love when we get the “inside” information on new WJs!!!!

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