Grapefruit Fizz (Febreze Air Effects)

I love the Febreze Air Effects products. All Febreze room sprays have an underlying “fresh” component regardless of the type of scent. I like this continuity!

When I use Febreze, instead of a candle or even a room spray product like Glade or Yankee Candle, I am looking to “freshen” a space and not simply mask a smell.

Grapefruit FizzFor example, I just had to unpack my winter jacket (urg…it’s cold!) which has been in the closet (and then a box) for months. That jacket has that distinct closet smell…and I didn’t have time to wash it this morning! This is where Febreze is nice, it actually helps to “freshen” the jacket. It’s not a solve all (yes, I still have to wash the jacket), but it really helps mitigate the “stale air” smell.

Anyways, this summer, Febreeze had a Grapefruit Fizz scent. As a citrus lover, I had to try it! I really do like Febreze, and the spray is nice…but it severely lacks that grapefruitiness. As I said, I love that all Febreze sprays have that fresh note, but usually the actual scent contributes to the smell. There is a slight, I don’t know how to describe it…maybe pinky light citrus…scent, but it doesn’t scream “summer” or “grapefruit” to me.

Oh well, I still like the product…and it will last me long enough…so I’m happy with it! I just wish the citrus note has more of a presence!

PS: I had to through a National Bohemian beer in the picture…it’s my husband’s favorite and a Maryland symbol!

-Kari Ann-


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