Pink Passion Fruit

For me, Pink Passion Fruit is a rare miss from the Bath & Body Works Wallflower line. This is my last bulb from the summer Semi Annual Sale I grabbed…and my last summery bulb before the holiday and winter ones go on sale (hopefully a $3 sale soon!)

Anyways, the scent is just not for me…but the bulb throw is great!

Pink PassionfruitThe Scent: The scent description says it’s a mix of guava, passion fruit, and sugarcane. To me, it’s just bland. It smells like a generic “tropical fruit” blend…and to be completely honest, smells almost like an industrial cleaner that happens to be fruit scented. It just reminds me of being in an office warehouse than being transported to a tropical island. Just my opinion, but I don’t particularly care for it. D+

The Throw: On the plus side, this is a great Wallflower! this scent has been filling up my dining room for the last week and a half and is the right balance of blending it the background (not being overwhelming) but still being detectable. If you do like Pink Passion Fruit, the Wallflower bulb is spot on. A-

Overall, the throw is great, the scent just is not for me.

-Kari Ann-


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