Yankee Candle burn time costs

My husband is more of a foodie than a candle burner. One of his favorite food blogs is Budget Bytes. This blog is nice since it breaks down each recipe by both the overall price and the price per serving.

Credit: Yankee Candle
Credit: Yankee Candle

That said, Mike has been wanting me to do a similar approach to candle burning…..we all know that the full price of a Yankee Candle is steep…but how does that price break down in a cost per hour of burning?

Basically, how much money are we really saving by purchasing a large jar over a small jar? For this quick break down, I only did small, medium, and large Yankee candle jars.

Hey, I have to use my math skills somehow!

Here’s what I did:

Full Price Candle/Average burn time = $/hr (I used the average range of burn time from the Yankee Candle website, so there will be a high and low price.)

Large Jar: $27.99/(150,110 hrs) = $0.19/hour to $0.25/hour

Medium Jar: $24.99/(90, 65 hrs) = $0.28/ hour to $0.38/hour

Small Jar: $10.99/(40, 25 hrs) = $0.27/hour $0.44/hour

So there you go, you do save money getting the more pricey large jar….but there is actually not much of a price difference between the small and medium jars!

Of course, these prices become even better with coupons and sales! but I guess a quarter an hour makes you really think about that ~$28 large jar!

-Kari Ann-


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