Winter Decorations

Indoor rug purchased at Kohls
Indoor rug purchased at Kohls

I am one of those “winter holiday” (not “Christmas”) decor people. It’s just my preference. I just like the look of the “winter-themed” decorations (blues, snow, red cardinals) over the iconic Santa Claus and reindeer items.

I also like that “winter” decor can be put out earlier and left out later than Christmas decoration. Look at this cute doormat I just bought at Kohls! I can totally have that out all winter if I want, but a Santa or Christmas mat gets me only to January.

Now, I absolutely will still be putting up Christmas decorations….I am excited to get my first real Christmas tree and cannot wait to hang stockings over my fireplace….but, for now, I am totally into winter!

bird1To go along with my cardinal-theme, I had to buy this light-up Wallflower plug I found at a Bath & Body Works outlet last weekend. It has that “winter” touch that was perfect for my current aesthetic.

bird2Anyways, I hope everyone is getting excited for the holidays. I know my husband is excited for the potential snow we may be getting in Maryland tomorrow! (He’s a meteorologist….I get excited about candles and he gets excited about snow).

-Kari Ann-



  1. Totally with you on this one! I decorate for Winter usually the weekend after Thanksgiving and leave it all out well into March with a few Christmas, Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day decor mixed-in, as well. The things that i do switch, for Holidays, are mainly candle/votive/tea light holders πŸ™‚

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