Sweet Potato Pie

I was actually disappointed that Yankee Candle did not have a Limited Edition Thanksgiving candle line this year.

Be ThankfulQuick Background: Yankee Candle’s now retired scent Be Thankful was a tradition in my family. Be Thankful was a warm and savory blend of sugar and spices that perfectly complemented the scents of making a Thanksgiving dinner. My freshman year of college, I brought home my mother a votive of Be Thankful and she lit it Thanksgiving morning…and wow! Almost every year after that, we would repeat that new tradition of burning Be Thankful. Well, Yankee Candle retired Be Thankful during the 2012 winter Semi Annual Sale. To make up for taking away their only Thanksgiving-based scent, last year Yankee Candle release a 3 scent collected centered around Thanksgiving dinner. Those where: the infamously bad Turkey & Stuffing, the sold-out-so-fast-I-only-saw-it-once Cranberry Sauce, and the one I’m reviewing now, Sweet Potato Pie.

sweet1The Scent: Similar to Be Thankful, Sweet Potato is a warm and savory scent! The sweet potato is the star…it’s warm, buttery, and starchy….that scent of mashing the boiling sweet potatoes. Then there is a touch of sugar….but just a touch…in the form of brown sugar. The overall scent is just wonderful! A-

The Throw: In my opinion, all candles should be like this one. It completely filled up my living room with a solid medium throw, maybe even a medium-strong throw. It was present and traveled far…but it never overshadowed the actually scents coming my my kitchen, only enhanced them! This has been one of my most enjoyed throws…and the husband even complimented it! A

So there you go, Sweet Potato Pie was a surprising hit for my house! This is the closest I’ve tried to Be Thankful…too bad it to is retired! I bought Sweet Potato Pie at last year’s SAS for 75% off ($7.99) and wish I grabbed a second now it hindsight. As you can see…this one got damaged while I was moving, so I must burn it all!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

-Kari Ann-


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