Pier 1 Imports: Scented Gel Beads

PierIn my new area, I do not have a Homegoods….the nearest one is ~ an hour away. But, I do have a Pier 1 Imports. Okay, not the same AT ALL, I know…..but truthfully, I’ve never been in Pier 1!

On Black Friday, I popped in and found the prices to be comparable to Yankee Candle. Sooo, still pricey compared to Homegoods and Walmart, but not outrageous…especially on sale!

One thing I bought was their scented gel beads for my office at work. I like that the scented bead will add fragrance to my office without being an open flame (illegal) or be too strong as to disturb others in nearby offices. I’m lucky to have my own office, but the air was a bit stale from it being empty for so long.

pier2The scent I bought was Ginger Peach. It is actually very pleasant…I’d give the scent a B+. Anyone who has ever had/brewed Lipton’s White Peach tea will know exactly what it smells like! It’s a peachy tea scent with a hint of herbal ginger.

The scented gel beads, at face value, are $5….but the Black Friday deal was 20% off. The directions claim that the scent will last for 2 months…and so far, it’s been pleasantly filling up my office discretely for 4 days. The directions also say to add water periodically to replenish the beads and scent! neat!

pier3The scent comes out from the top, and I must say that i like the look of this design!

Anyways, hope everyone is having some good “deal-hunting!”

PS: Housekeeping…my camera broke on my phone (boooo) so I have limited access to photographing my candles. That is the main reason for sporadic posts! Also…wow do large jars burn forever! I still have 1/3 of Sweet Potato Pie left!

-Kari Ann-



  1. I believe you’ve said you live in Maryland. Check and see if there is a World Market near you. It’s a cross between Pier One and Home Goods.

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