Crackling pure radiance

I went to the South Deerfield flagship store 2 weeks ago and bought one of the pure radiance candles. I wanted to buy the deep sea scent but they were all out of it in the large jars so I bought the raspberry scent. I have only tried one other pure radiance–a small jar of Merry mint last year. I bought it right before I moved out of my mothers so I left it for her.

I LOVE the crackling wooden wicks. It makes it sound like I have a real fire going in a fireplace. It’s a very soothing sound. As for the raspberry scent, I’m torn. The first few times I lit it, it smelt very good and had a nice throw. Since then, I feel like I only smell it sporadically. It’s not that strong. Even though the scent isn’t strong, I would still love to buy more of them. I like the look of the pure radiance and as I said before I love the crackling feature. Also, isn’t my snowman snow globe holder so cute!? I bought it last year during the semi-annual sale and have been dying to use it!!




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