Final Thoughts of Sweet Potatoe Pie and my Christmas Tree!

Now that I have used up the last of Sweet Potato Pie, I am even more disappointed that I didn’t grab a second jar when it was 75% off last year! This scent had a consistently medium throw that filled up my entire living room.

I even came home from work a few times to find my husband had already lit it! (that never happens unless he genuinely likes the scent).

sppJust look at all that oil on the bottom! Sweet Potato Pie had a ton of oil pockets that kept pumping my living room full of the delicious, warm scent of sweet potatoes. The candle, admittedly, did not burn perfectly. Towards the end it started to tunnel and the side began to collected a ton of soot (and yes, I trim the wick every few hours), but overall it was a great performer….especially with that huge piece of glass missing!

I am sad to see it go and hopeful that a Thanksgiving line will be released next year…who knows…maybe Sweet Potato Pie will end up as a Treasure or at an outlet!

tree5On a completely different note, my husband and I put up our Christmas tree yesterday! We found this adorable tree skirt at Kohl’s….it was 55% off and we had Kohl’s cash from Black Friday, so it came to just under $15! It fits right in with my blue and wintery holiday theme (well, as close as I could find!).

tree3And if you look way in the background, you can see our lovely stockings we scored at Goodwill at $2 each (with the tags still on!)

-Kari Ann-


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