Cranberry Peppermint

With my Christmas tree up, I am now in full “holiday scent mode.” I decided to try for the very first time Cranberry Peppermint, a now classic Yankee Candle holiday scent.

Cranberry PeppermintThe Scent: I very much enjoyed this scent…..the sweet and tangy cranberry melds subtly with the cool and refreshing peppermint. The peppermint was the dominant note, but that tangy-fruity cranberry scent made in anything but “just another candy cane” scent. It is a nice new twist on two iconic holiday scents. B

The Throw: For me, the throw was terribly disappointing. For the first hour, the throw was great! A solid medium that filled up most of my living room. But after that hour, the strength of the throw plummeted to only a tiny scent radius. Basically, after 1 hour, I could only smell it if I put my nose right up to the tart. Online reviews seem to disagree with my experience….Cranberry Peppermint is highly rated! Hopefully the throw on other tarts is longer because mine started out great, but quickly became weak. (start B+, end D)

Okay, so I have mixed feelings on Cranberry Peppermint. While I did like the scent a lot, the throw was very short-lived! I may give it another try in the future!

-Kari Ann-


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