Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve has become an iconic holiday scent at Yankee Candle. It is one of those scents that brings out your inner child! I even know a few people who have the tradition of lighting/melting this scent on Christmas Eve night to welcome Santa!

Christmas EveThe Scent: Christmas Eve is a warm and inviting fruity scent. To me, this scent smells like sugared plums! It has a gummy-like, fruity sweetness and just a hint of spice. Basically, it reminds me a gum drops! B

The Throw: The throw is in that “just right” spot for holiday entertaining. It will fill up a large room with a medium throw that is not over-bearing. It is a perfect accent, or background, scent. My tart also had a long throw! The strength stayed at this solid medium for 3 tea lights (~12 hours). A-

While I do like this scent, I don’t necessarily love it. I personally prefer pine and cinnamon-based holiday scents. It is a very “childhood memories” scent and I just love that classic label. In a nutshell, Christmas Eve will remind you of decorating with gum drops!

-Kari Ann-


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