Pumpkin Ginger Bark

Pumpkin Ginger Bark was one of the new Fall 2014 Yankee Candle scents. Well I finally got to try it and boy am I glad I did! Once melted, this one actually fit more into the “holiday” genre of scent more than “fall.”

Pumpkin Ginger BarkThe Scent: This scent smelled like a freshly baked gingerbread cookie with a pumpkin glaze and just a tad of sweet vanilla. The ginger is the strongest note and it is a wonderful, spicy scent that melds perfectly with the pumpkin! It’s a warm and festive scent! A-

The Throw: Bravo to Yankee Candle; the throw on this tart was wonderful! It was a solid medium that completely filled up my living room! I was very pleased…it’s the type of throw that can trick someone into thinking you are actually baking cookies! A-

As you can tell, I really enjoyed Pumpkin Ginger Bark. It was a new approach to the typical fall pumpkin scents and blends perfectly with Thanksgiving and Christmas-type scents.

-Kari Ann-



  1. I have a question for you. Why do some candles smell so strongly when unlit but then have no throw at all? I am burning Holiday Lights. It smelled super strong before I lit it but had no scent at all after I lit it and had it burning for a while.

    • It’s so frustrating, isn’t it!
      You can never tell how well a candle’s throw will be from an unlit sniff.
      It has to do with the concentration and type of oils used (which will vary by scent).
      I usually buy a tart of a scent first to test it before I commit to a pricy jar…but tarts are not always available for treasures and limited releases (boo!)

      To be honest, that is one of the reasons why Jenna and I started this blog…so we could tip each other off on duds and stars!

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