Home for the Holidays

I often lump the Yankee Candle scents Christmas Eve and Home for the Holidays together.

They are both red, have a pretty and cartoon-like sticker, and are named for the, well, holidays.

However, they are two very different scents! While Christmas Eve is more of a candy/food scent, Home for the Holidays takes on the more nature-like scents of Christmas.

Home for the HolidaysThe Scent: Home for the Holidays smells like s freshly cut Christmas Tree with sticks of cinnamon hanging from it’s branches. Yup, it’s a blend of pine trees, cedar wood, and some warm spices (where cinnamon and clove are predominant. It’s fresh, clean, has a touch of spice…..perfect! No one scent overpowers the other…it’s a harmonious blend! A

The Throw: The throw is a solid medium…which is wonderful…but I do wish this was a super, fill-the-house, kind of scent. It will fill up a medium sized room effortlessly and is a perfect “ambiance” setter for a holiday party (or just a holiday drink by yourself!). B

Overall, Home for the Holidays is my type of Christmas scent! It has that fresh and spice mix that I want my home to smell like! I think this scent gets me into the holiday spirit more than any other Yankee Candle scent!

-Kari Ann-



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