Yankee Candle at Staples

This may be old news…or new…I don’t know, but Yankee Candles are sold at Staples!

staples1I recently moved to the eastern shore of Maryland were there are no, I repeat no, Yankee Candle stores. There is a Yankee Candle outlet about 30 minutes away….but I have begun to take extra notice in places where Yankee Candles are sold.

For example: I can still buy the special lines of Yankee Candles from Target (Home Classics) and Kohls (SoHo), both of which are close to me. But I recently had to go to Staples and noticed that they also sell the Yankee Candle Home Classics line!

I like to report all places that carry Yankee Candles since I know now all too well that not everyone can just drive to a YC store! Staples actually had a ton! They sold mostly jars and tumblers, but from the picture you can see they had the gel beads, car fresheners, plug-ins, and votives.

Staples3I was also drawn to their Christmas line….which was up front and center! As far as I can tell…the prices and sales are the same at Staples as they are at Yankee Candle. The large jars/tumblers were $27.99 each and were on sale for Buy One, Get One 50%. So….it’s not bargain hunting, that’s for sure!

In my personal, and honest opinion, I’ve had much success with the Home Classics line. The few I’ve tried have had wonderful throws…and most of the time the scents are the same as the actual Yankee Candle line, but named differently.

Staples2The 4 holiday scents they had left were all nice!

Cookies for Santa has been around forever (it is Christmas Cookie, aka a sugar cookie) and I just love it!

Home for Christmas reminded me of Home for the Holidays…but the label is not as cute!

Pine Cone Wreath was a nice balsam scent, but I’m hesitate to say which YC candle it reminded me of…

Christmas Sparkle was a sort of bizarre “fresh” scent (maybe like Sparkling Snow).


So there you are….don’t have a Yankee Candle nearby, but do have a Staples? You’re in luck!

I do wish there was a list of the Home Classics scents (and the represented YC scents)!!!

-Kari Ann-


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