Citrus Cilantro

Pier One Imports is wicked close to me, so I have been dying to try out their wax. I bought a few tarts recently to give them a try.

They are $1 and occasionally go on sale for 20% off….so I grabbed a few tarts a $0.80 each!

The first scent I decided to try was picked out by my husband, Citrus Cilantro.

Citrus CilntroThe Scent: Summer time! This one was a wonderful herbal and citrus blend. I hate Yankee Candle’s Sage & Citrus… Pier One Import’s Citrus Cilantro is like an improved version! The citrus scents reminds me of dried lemon and orange peels and that cilantro adds an herbal freshness that is great. I will say that it did remind me of Citronella a bit…which I personally love. But this one made me feel like it was the middle of July! B

The Throw: It took a little while to get going (an hour), but once it did, it was a medium throw that gave my entire living room and parts of my dining room a pleasant background scent. And it lasted a while after that (I used an electric warmer and got about 12 hours out of it!). It is a background scent, not a blow-your-socks off throw. B

Overall, I was impressed with my first experience melting Pier One Imports tarts. Citrus Cilantro was a delightful scent and the throw was perfect for company (no chance of giving scent-sensitive people headaches…but still an ever-present scent!). I’ll definitely try out some more!

-Kari Ann-



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