Girl Scout Cookie Candles


In case you haven’t heard…..The Girl Scouts and Yankee Candle have partnered!

Yes, this means that there will be Girl Scout Cookie scents released sometime in 2015 (and I believe may already be available at some places!)

So which cookies will you be able to have in candle form? Thin Mints, Trefoils, Coconut Caramel Stripes, and Chocolate Peanut Butter!

You can read the announcement here. So excited!

-Kari Ann




  1. The Thin Mints candle is already available at Bed Bath & Beyond (at least near me it is). I was thinking that these all will be re-labels of other Yankee scents but the Thin Mints one smells JUST LIKE THE COOKIE! 🙂

  2. How does this effect the on profit of the NonProfit agency of GSUSA? Do they get money form licensing? Because if they do they will lose their status and have to pay taxes…

    • I am not sure Heidi.

      I was my guess that GS is not profiting off these YC sales, but I am not sure if they sold their license for profit (I’d assume not so they can remain nonprofit).

      GSUSA has done this before (ice cream, chapsticks, all Limited edition). From their website, they have mentioned a brand-extension program to increase awareness of the GSUSA….they also recently announced GC cookies will be sold online…this is great marketing for them!

      My best guess is the hype for these candles is their “profit” in that it will get more people interested in donating or joining….but this is not in my realm of knowledge!

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