New World Journey

Kari is here visiting for Christmas and we stopped by our local outlet! There, we found two new world journeys. One of them-Rolling Hills of Ireland-we had heard of before. However, the other one is one I have never seen before-Fiji Beach! Of course I had to buy both of them!!





  1. I was surprised that I liked rolling hills so much. It is somewhat similar to green grass, but it mixed with more of a fresh scent. It’s pleasant and actually smells like being out in a meadow with fresh air.
    I’ve only smelt in cold so far, but Fiji Beach smells like a typical beach scent. Very fresh, similar to the cottage breeze sent Yankee Candle used to have. However, the world journal candles always seem to have a bit something extra to them when lit, so I’m waiting to see what sets it apart from all the other beach scented candles!

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